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Straight outta London

Straight outta London! The sassy knitwear artist Niamh Emily Foster and INUIKII teamed up to design a very exclusive limited collection for spring/summer 2023. Following the statement HERE I AM, INUIKII chose to support the young artist Niamh in order for the world to see her bold, handcrafted pieces. The common love for the unexpected and edgy designs that stand out has made this collab a perfect match.

«I love the craft of making something from scratch, there is no cheating, knitting is very raw and I like the hard work it requires.»  – Niamh Emily Foster

Niamh Emily Foster discovered knitting with her granny Freida when she was about 10 years old. Knitting being a very sensual art, is deeply connected to womanhood – whenever she speaks to people about knitting and where they learnt it, it is often from their grandma. Niamh herself also likes the sensual aspect of it, how it feels, especially within her style of using different textures for different patches of the knit. She loves how it can be as experimental as you like and is proud when comparing final knits to the original format of the ball of wool.

«The collab pieces very much shout out HERE I AM – the shoe is nothing like I have ever seen before. It will turn a lot of heads.» – Niamh Emily Foster