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How to add some extra comfort to your shoes.

As every foot is different, it might happen that the shoes need a few treatments for ideal comfort. 

Let's look at some tips and tricks what could help!

Buy the correct size

Make sure to buy the correct size. You may think you know your size, but sizings vary from brand to brand. Therefore, please check the “Size Guide” on the product page with size recommendations to clarify which size to order. It’s worth measuring your feet to determine your correct size.


Summer slides and sneakers: Wear them with socks first so that the shoe mould expands and adapts to your foot. The hard shape is broken in naturally and becomes softer.

Be mindful about
breaking them in

When you buy new shoes, take your time breaking them in. We recommend wearing them for only a few hours the first time. A pair of thick socks can help move things along.

Use a hairdryer

One quick method to break in new leather shoes or boots involves using a blow dryer. Simply put the shoes on, activate the hairdryer, and maintain a distance of 20 to 25cm from the material. Direct the warm air towards your shoes, especially targeting the tight, stiff, or uncomfortable areas. Give each shoe a few minutes of heat exposure. Afterwards, walk around your house and stand in them for a while. The heat helps soften the leather, enabling it to better shape itself to your feet quickly. This blow-dry technique is effective on full-grain leather, suede, and patent leather shoes.

Shoe stretchers

If your shoes are a bit tight, these useful tools can help stretch the material. Keep in mind that the best way to break in shoes is by wearing them so they mold to the natural shape of your feet, but these gadgets can provide an initial boost.

Use a stretching or
expanding spray

Apply the spray inside the footwear, particularly on those areas which cause pressure points. It relaxes the leather fibers allowing it to adapt to the shape of the foot. Test the spray first on a non-visible area to make sure it doesn’t leave any visible traces.

Try deodorant

How can you transform an uncomfortable shoe into a comfortable one? Consider using deodorant — yes, for your feet. Antiperspirants help block sweat ducts, absorb moisture, and naturally reduce odors. By applying underarm deodorant to your feet, you can prevent slipping and chafing, helping you steer clear of blisters and other discomforts. Powder-based deodorants are often more effective than gel types. You can also use baby powder! Simply sprinkle it over your entire foot before putting on your shoes to help absorb moisture and reduce friction.